Recommended Items
+375 Health +375 Mana +50 Magic Resist
UNIQUE Passive: Gain a spell shield that blocks the next incoming enemy ability (45 second cooldown).
+70 Ability Power
NIQUE Passive: +40% Magic Penetration
Quick Buys
Attack Speed
Life Steal
Critical Strike
Mana Regen
Ability Power
Magic Resist
Health Regen
Gold Generation
Builds Into

1) When you open the shop you start at level 1. The possible shop categories have their associated hotkey listed (IE: pressing 1 will take you to the attack category, 2 will take you to the magic category, etc...)
2) After you're chosen a category, a list of subcategories will appear, as well as their associated hotkeys (IE: Pressing 1 then q will display all items that give +Attack Damage)
3) Now that your shop is displaying items, the next step is to select the row the item you want is in (IE: Assuming you're looking at Attack Damage items, pressing 3 will focus you on the third row of items).
4) Now that you've navigated to a specific row, pressing the 1-4 keys will select the specific item (IE: Pressing 2 after selecting the third row will bring up the Phage)
5) At this point, pressing the same key again will buy the item for you. You can also press the other 1-4 keys to bring up the other items and repeat this step.
NOTE: Pressing ~ at any point will take you back to a checkpoint.
- If you're at the sub-menu and press ~ you will be taken to the initial shop page (step 1).
- If you've selected a row of items and press ~ you will be taken back to step 3 and will be able to select a row again.

Recommended Items:
- Because this is a shop UI you cannot change the recommended items. That should be done outside of the in-game client on a per champion basis.

Quick Buys:
- There are the items (almost) everyone will need to buy throughout the game. Items from this menu are 1-click buys.
- These should not be allowed to be changed. Buy wards darnit!

Search Bar:
- Search bar will auto-search once you've 3 or more letters and will refresh as you type.

Ways to Buy Items:
- Double click the item from anywhere with the exception if the inventory (this sells your item)
- Hotkey purchase
- Click the item and click the [Buy Button]

Ways to Sell Items:
- Double clicking items from your inventory bar will automatically sell that item stack.
- Click the item and click the [Sell] button.
- Note: I realize it sells the whole stack. Go big or go home.

Now click anywhere in this box and get playin!